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Installation of your swimming pool can be a pleasant experience. Our representatives have the know how to make your project run smoothly and painlessly. We will guide you through the whole project – from the beginning to the very end. Organisation and communication will continue throughout the project.

Day *1 - 2*

Day *3*

Day *4*

We supply either yourself or your chosen building contractor with dig out plan.

Day *4*

A base of gravel is set level ready for the arrival of your pool. *NO CONCRETE* required.

Day *5 - 7*

Depending on accessibility - your pool is craned into place. This service is already included in our delivery prices.

Day *8 - ( x )*

With the pool in place, it's now ready for connecting the pipes, backfilling with gravel and filling with water. 

A ring-beam of concrete around the perimeter of the pool is set before placing the margelles ( coping stones ). 

Whether your project is now complete or you plan to add a surrounding decking or patio.. we advise for the next step that you prepare some refreshments, and enjoy a swim!

It really is that simple. The strongest, most durable pool construction money can buy with the fastest installation process.


Fibreglass pools offer the most simple, least time consuming way of installing a pool.


With our organisation, installation of your pool can take only one week until ready for swimming! 

—  Mark, Landes


“these guys made the whole process so easy, many thanks”​



Tel: ( FR ) 06 42 50 04 31


7 days per week 9am - 10pm

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