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How Long do Fibreglass Pools last?


Understandably, a swimming pool is a large investment for many and you want to be confident knowing that the pool you have chosen not only suits your home and lifestyle but is going to last for many decades to come. Here at Pools Direct we are often asked “how long does an inground pool last?”.


There are a few different pool choices available on the market and they all have varying longevity. They include:

Vinyl Liner Pool

Vinyl liner pools are the cheapest to set up initially, however, they are the least durable of the three. The vinyl lining of the pool needs to be replaced every 10 years and this costs an average of 2000 euros. It can become quite costly for the homeowner over the lifetime of the pool. The liner is also susceptible to tears and splits and may need replacing more often than the standard 10 years if this occurs. A vinyl liner pools lifespan is approximately 20 years.

Concrete Pool

Concrete pools are far more durable than vinyl liner pools and will last more than 25 years. Although, the interior surface of the pool needs to be resurfaced every 10 to 15 years. The average cost to resurface a concrete pool is 10000 euros. The interior is made up of aggregate which is highly porous, making it the perfect place for bacteria and algae to harbour and grow. This means that more time and money will need to be spent in order to keep the pool clean. Concrete pools are typically cooler than other types of pools and take more time and energy to heat.

Fibreglass Pool

You can expect a high-quality fibreglass pool to last more than 40 years. Unlike vinyl and concrete pools, they do not need replacing or resurfacing. 


What gives fibreglass its superior longevity?


Pools Directs manufacturer uses fibreglass shells that are manufactured to the highest standard . The fibreglass pools are constructed using a superior quality resin that is extremely strong and durable. It has exceptional resistance to UV rays, heat, water, and chemicals, which in turn, results in a longer lasting pool. Fibreglass pools are designed to have a slight flex, so they are able to accommodate intense temperatures and earth movements without the risk of cracking. Although concrete pools are extremely strong, they are known for shrinkage cracking. This can happen if there is excess water in the concrete mix or extreme temperatures and wind. This generally occurs when they are first placed in.


There are 3 main factors that can contribute to the lifetime of your fibreglass pool:


The quality of your fibreglass pool shell

It is important to know that all fibreglass pools are not built to the same standard. The quality of your shell is highly dependent on the materials that are used and the workmanship that is involved when manufacturing it. It’s a good idea to make sure that your fibreglass pool comes with a warranty. Whilst choosing the cheapest option you can find may seem like a good idea, if the quality is poor, it can cause headaches down the track, you may end up spending more money and time fixing it or replacing it than you did initially purchasing it.


The workmanship of the fibreglass pool shell installation

If you are trying to cut down on costs, you may be tempted to try a DIY pool installation. Pools Direct can help and advise on this, but before you attempt to install a pool yourself please talk to us as we are experts and are always glad to help.


How you maintain your fibreglass pool

It’s common knowledge that pools are filled with water and have a certain amount of chlorine or salt in it to keep it clean. Pools are exposed to harsh elements throughout the day and spend a majority of their time in direct sunlight. If a pool isn’t maintained correctly, it can compromise the interior surface and problems may occur. A simple way to extend the lifetime of your pool is by cleaning and maintaining it on a regular basis. 

 The surface of a fibreglass pool is virtually nonporous, making them chemical, stain, algae, and bacteria resistant which means less time and money spent on keeping them clean. Fibreglass pools can be looked after effectively with little effort from the homeowner. They are the easiest pools to maintain on the market today. A small amount of pool care is enough to keep your Pools Direct pool looking great throughout the year and for many years to come.


What should I look for when purchasing a fibreglass pool?

  • Generous warranty- this way if anything does go wrong you will not be out of pocket. Pools Direct issues a 10 year insurance backed warranty on all our pool shells.

  • Anti-fade technology – so that your pool maintains its colour for many years to come

  • Internal, structural and osmosis guarantee – to ensure all facets of your pool are covered

  • Look for a shell that is manufactured in the country it is being installed 

  • The pool should be reinforced to ensure it has superior strength

  • Ensure the company has strict quality control measures in place

  • Look for a pool with an insurance backed guarantee as Pools Direct issue

  • Only use a qualified pool builder that have extensive experience and knowledge in the pool industry

  • A shell that is chemical, water and UV resistant as per all Pools Directs pools

When comparing the 3 choices of pools, you want to be sure you are getting the best value for money over the lifetime of your pool. You want to choose a pool that is going to last an extremely long time with the least amount of effort involved. Pools Direct pools are constructed to the absolute highest standard and it is a product that we are proud to be able to offer to our customers. When you install a pool with us you know you are investing in the best fibreglass pool that money can buy. Unlike concrete and vinyl-liner pool companies, we offer a 10 year internal and structural warranty on our entire range!

How your pool is manufactured, how it is installed and how you look after all play a key role in how long your pool will last. If you look for a fibreglass pool that has the most of the qualities listed above and you allocate a small amount of time each week to look after it once it is installed, your pool will more than likely last a lifetime. If you have any questions regarding the lifetime of one of our pools, give our highly skilled team at Pools Direct a call, we are happy to help.

Frequently asked questions

- Can you deliver and install your pools anywhere in France?


Yes, we supply and install our fibreglass pool kits to all departments in France, Spain and Belgium.



- Can you advise with all aspects of our pool project?


Yes, this is a free help and advise service we provide covering everything you would need to know from start to finish. 



- Can you crane the pool into our dig out hole?


Yes, this is included in the price. Your pool will be craned into the dig out hole on delivery ( depending on access of course ).



- Do you guarantee the pool shell?


All of our pools come with a 10 year guarantee. 



- Can you supply everything we need for a new pool?


We can supply the pool, all filtration, electric covers, underwater light, control panel, timers, margelles etc..

as much or as little as our customers require.


- Can you organise fitting of the pool filtration if needed.


Yes, we deploy our fully French registered pool plumbers for your needs. They can install a full filtration system in one day.



- Do you only sell blue pools?


We offer our pools in blue, beige, stone grey or white.



- Will your pools work with a salt water system?


Yes they will. This simply requires a salt water chlorinator.



- Do I need to build a concrete base for the pool to sit on?


No, due to the quality of our pools, they only need a simple gravel base to sit on.


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